6×8 Chicken Coop with Run

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6x8 Chicken Coop with Run

Product Information

Order 6x8 Chicken Coop with Run Base @ $2,750.00

This 6×8 chicken coop with a pre-installed chicken run attachment holds 15-25 chickens. It stands 94″ high and 8″ off of the ground and contains 8 nesting boxes. The attached run is 6′ in length. The standard cedar stain and quality Amish construction makes for a good-looking and durable home.

    Standard features included:

  • Key to entry door for all coops bigger than the 4×4
  • Chicken door with latches & ramp
  • Nesting boxes
  • Roosting bars inside all coops
  • Ventilation lid or vent
  • Slider windows with built in screen
  • Metal roof with choice of evergreen, brick red, or antique bronze with insulation to reduce the summer heat
  • Glass board flooring on all coop floors to protect the flooring
  • Pine board & Batten siding
  • All Chicken coops are stained Natural Cedar or Rustic Cedar
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