Due to high demand, we now have access to a 3×5 wheelbarrow chicken coop! This coop brings the mobility and quality construction of the 3×4 wheelbarrow coop together with a larger nesting area that is big enough for 1-3 chickens!

    Standard features included in all chicken 3×5 coops:

  • Solid window
  • Chicken door with latches & ramp
  • Nesting boxes
  • Roosting bars inside all coops
  • Ventilation lid or vent
  • Metal roof with choice of evergreen, brick red, or antique bronze with insulation to reduce the summer heat
  • Glass board flooring on all coop floors to protect the flooring
  • Pine board and Batten siding
  • All Chicken coops are stained Natural Cedar or Rustic Cedar
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3x5 Wheelbarrow Chicken Coop
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Available in three unique colors. Specific colors can be viewed at http://www.fabral.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/28804-Fabral-Post-Frame-Color-Card-LR.pdf.
1Evergreen #875$0.00
2Antique Bronze #854$0.00
3Brick Red #898$0.00

1Cedar stain$0.00
2Rustic stain$0.00
3No stain$0.00
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The price shown at checkout will not include shipping. Please contact us to discuss your specific shipping rate.

Order 3x5 Wheelbarrow Chicken Coop Base @ $1,250.00